About Us

Welcome to Mount Litera Zee School, Kathua or rather, an inspiring school of thought i.e creating the next generation of thought – larders in India.

At Mount Litera Zee School Kathua, we have successfully challenged the erstwhile notion of schooling system that believed in creating an assembling line of same thinking students and created an ecosystem that celebrates and nurtures the potential that lies within each child. We do so by delivering the national accepted CBSE curriculum in a dynamic and unique manner. Thereby creating a generation who is ready for 21st century.

Our Vission

To create an excellent educational institution synthesizing the human values with the highest quality of teaching – learning using modern technology – driven tools for preparing a well rounded personality for our society.
To shape global minds on the Indian soil. To ensure this the school will give every student an access to world – class infrastructure and innovation curriculum that promotes the all round development of the child imbibing traditional values.

"The Deeper the roots
The stronger the shoots
The Stronger the past
The better the future"

Mount Litera Zee School is one of the India’s leading school brands and is backed by Zee Learn Ltd. which has been awarded India’s most trusted diversified Education Brand by Brand Trust advisory alongwith a range of offerings serving the educational needs starting from playgroup to vocational learning. Zee Learn its academic prowess ensures that Mount Literal Zee School has the finest and most well researched curriculum delivered by well trained academicians who are driven by the philosophy ‘what right for the child’(WRFC).