Our Philosophy

Every aspect, action and decision at Mount Litera Zee School is governed by a single, simple principle – What’s right for the child (WRFC). This helps us keep the child at the centre of everything we do and ensure single minded devotion to their growth and development.

Every child is Unique: -

It is well known fact that no two thumbprints are likes. In the same way, we believe that every child is born with a unique personality. Each child has a unique personality, a unique DNA print and brain network that dictates the manner in which he/she assimilates, processes and reacts to different stimuli.
Mount Litera Zee School aim is to translate our belief that ‘every Child is unique’ into a pedagogy that adapts to your child’s unique learning style.

Education should Foster Real Understanding:

Understanding is different from knowledge. While knowledge relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity. The aim is to apply this belief into practical situations through our content an assessment tools.

Real Understanding Through Integrated Approach:

A school is a micro-system where different factors have an impact on your child. The teacher, the curriculum, assessments, activities, infrastructure, environment – all come together to nurture the unique potential of the child.

Our Belief System

  • Children are not just roll no’s, they are unique individuals.
  • Every child is talented. We just need to figure out, where that talent lies.
  • Our role is developing the whole individual, and not just completing the syllabus.
  • Holistic development needs partnership between school and parents
  • We practice an integrated approach centered on the child.

  • Intelligence Plus character That is The goal Of true Education

    Unique child centric Teaching process – ‘Litera Octave’

    Emerging student profile (ESP)

    Moulding successful citizens of tomorrow

    ESP is a homegrown unique assessment and nurturing programme that makes Mount Litera Zee School distinctive. Under ESP, we make sure that everything we do at Mount Litera Zee School systemically and effectively helps the child achieve his or her best. And of course to become the thought leaders of tomorrow. This is achieved by combining three essential faculties in ESP

  • Life skill
  • Knowledge
  • Core value
  • Thereby making students life ready.